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Me and my 2 tiger friends @anna_dello_russo at @miraduma @buro247ru #bffi #awake regram @fashiontomax
Brody, Dalmatian, Tompkins Square Park, New York, NY
Coffee, pancakes and a new purchase. How are you spending your Sunday? Thank you @lornaluxe for the inspiration! #MRPORTER
Bom dia nesse domingo de eleições com as garotas da @chanelofficial, que armou um verdadeiro protesto fashion no Grand Palais para seu último desfile de verão 2015.
They call it mellow yellow

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Ann Jolie1

I want to introduce you to a new subject on Moded’amour, called Style Talk. This section will be dedicated to influential people who are interesting in my opinion. The first person I want to introduce to you is my beautiful sister Rianne, who recently started her own jewellery brand called ANN JOLIE.

Let’s talk!

Let’s start by introducing yourself..
I’m Rianne, 25 years old and the proud sister of Annemiek. I study Communication and I’m in my last year right now. Over a year ago I started thinking about creating my own label. Right now I can say my dream came true, ANN JOLIE is online.

Describe your label in 5 words
Outspoken, fun, diverse and colorful. These 4 words represent ANN JOLIE the best, couldn’t add an fifth word.

Ann Jolie3

Why did you start your own jewellery brand?
I love to create something. It gives me a great feeling when I have created something I had in mind. Being creative has always been a huge hobby of mine that started when I was a little kid. And I love, love jewellery! So it crossed my mind to start my own jewellery brand, and I never gave up on that feeling.

How does your own style reflect in your designs
I don’t like one particularly style. I am a big fan of the Bohemian style, but I also love edgy and rock & roll looks. I think that reflects in my designs, because the items are very diverse. I love natural and pure products and try to use these kind of materials in my designs as much as possible. I try to find materials that are long-lasting and made out of good quality. Also I love to wear (and design) items that are outspoken. I think your style is a beautiful way to ’tell’ others who you are.

Ann Jolie5

Where do you get your inspiration?
Well, everywhere. I love to look around me at people at the streets, magazines and cool websites. But I also love to redesign things I used to like once. Sometimes by changing one little part, an item can look very different.

What makes your label different from all the other shops on the web, what makes you unique?
I think the variety of products. As I said, there’s not one style that describes ANN JOLIE. I hope I can make people that love different styles, happy with my designs. Besides that, my designs are very representable for me as a person. In my opinion this is necessary when you have your own label. I believe in my products because they are made out of true passion. I hope I can show this off to people.

Favorite jewellery brands?
It might be a bit strange, but I don’t really have a favorite jewelry brand! I do love French labels a lot. I like labels with a story. Jewellery brands that have a personal twist are the most interesting, in my opinion.

Ann Jolie 6

What jewellery do you wear on a daily basis?
Always bracelets, I feel naked without! And often I wear a lot of bracelets in different styles. Sometimes a necklace, but that depends on my mood and look.

Where do you hope ANN JOLIE is in about 5 years?
My ultimate dream is an international succes and to make a fulltime job out of it. But all I really hope is that I make a lot of people happy with my designs.

Ann Jolie2

Curious about ANN JOLIE’s designs? visit



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