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A few days ago I have been involved in a car accident while riding my beloved bike in the early morning traffic. Just when I entered the roundabout acting as a very polite road user in the morning rush, I got hit by a car.

After making a big smack through the car window with my (very strong) head I was laying on the streets with Louis Vuitton and my bike somewhere around me.

It all seemed very shocking in the beginning, but after a full check up at the hospital it turned out that I was extremely lucky that all I got were some big bruises and some stitches. Due the big smack I’ve made I am forced to nothing but rest and be a couch potato. So unfortunately I’m not able to blog very much, and I don’t think that you guys are very interested in my lazy outfits which are all about comfort. Hopefully my head will heal soon so I’m able to look at my screen again and I can slowly get back to world of blogging!







I’ve recently added this Gucci book to my collection of inspirational fashion books. I love to sit on the sofa and browse through the pages when I have some free time left. When I’ve started reading this book it felt almost impossible to put it away because it exists of so many beautiful inspirational photo’s and content.


Some snapshots of my weekend in Paris! We did a photoshoot for the new collection of the New Yorker, we shot on the most beautiful places in Paris. I cannot wait to show you the results!

I will contact the 3 winners of the Paperblanks giveaway today!


I’m packing my bags at the moment, because I will be flying to Paris tomorrow! So excited to spend the weekend in Paris, except for the fact that I have to miss Noa already..

Ps. Click here & also here for the cutest videos of Noa !