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Ralph Lauren Black Label.

Bought this leather jacket from Ralph Lauren Black Label today. I knew I had to have it in my wardrobe the first second I saw it! The light blue color is a perfect addition to my clothing collection because it is easy to combine with neutral and dark colours.


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Ralph Lauren Collection.

How ridiculously awesome is this suede belt with Swarovski gems in the middle? It’s the perfect accessory to finish a basic outfit like example a black dress with heels. I also love to combine it with a more casual rough outfit like a printed shirt, skinny jeans and a black blazer.


ralph lauren collection bag
Ralph Lauren Collection Tiffin bag.

Recently I’ve spend most of my shopping time in searching for the perfect timeless bags which I can combine with all my looks. I’ve already added the Louis Vuitton Artsy bag to my collection a couple of weeks ago, and a couple of days ago I’ve bought this brown leather woven bag from Ralph Lauren. I’ve chosen this Tiffin bag from Collection because the designs of Collection are classic items which I still will be using after a couple of years because they don’t loose their characteristic look. I think this bag is also a timeless classic piece and because the design is really minimalistic that I will still love it after using it for a longer time.



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wardrobe 2

I kind of have this ‘system’ in my clothing room, which circulates every few weeks. I hang my favourite pieces to wear for the upcoming weeks on this rack, and change the pairs of shoes every now and then.Unfortunately I’m not able to hang up all my clothes and take all of my shoes out of their box because I do not have the space in my apartment. I just have to wait for the day that I have a big (read huge) clothing room.