Hermès - Home

Dreaming of the perfect furniture and home decoration styles..


Jardin d'Osier

Hermes umbrella in printed satin


Hermes mattress 

"Partition" folding screen

Hermes "partition" angled and foldable screen 


Hermes ashtray in printed Limoges porcelain 

Folding armchair

Hermes folding armchair with leather finishings

"Table a cachette" side table GM

Hermes "table a cachette" GM side table

Hermès Sellier

Hermes white porcelain change tray

3-seater bench

Hermes bench with leather finishings

Album de Colportage

Hermes ashtray in printed Limoges porcelain

Equateur Cashmere Blanket

Hermes hand embroidered blanket with pearls.

Double Horse

Hermes blanket in "Double Horse"

Léopard de Ceylan

Hermes blanket with "Leopard de Ceylan" print

Un Jour à la Piscine

Hermes printed beach towel


Hermes beach towel in "Leopards" print 

Sellier chair with armrests

Hermes chair with armrests.


Hermes chair